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I am often asked the question “how important are London buyers to the local property market?”. My response has always been, “VERY!”

Over the last six years, Charter Whyman have sold a vast number of our quality homes to buyers, moving out of London. It is fair to say that these numbers reduced considerably last year, whilst we had the uncertainty of Brexit.

Properties in London were proving difficult to sell and as a result, we felt the knock on effect, as we saw the number of proceedable London buyers reduce.

I was very excited to read an article this morning, that made reference to a dramatic increase in new buyers registering with estate agents in London since the start of the year and according to a recent survey, the number of buyers registering is at its highest level for over 15 years.

The number of viewings across London also rose to its third highest total in 15 years, with no sign of abating.

Locally, we are now seeing the benefits of this and on Saturday, we had one of our busiest ever days for booking viewings. Importantly, many of the parties viewing our houses were from London and they were now proceedable!

Over the last ten days, our buyer registrations have doubled and we are already gearing up for another very busy weekend.

If you are considering a move and would like to know more about what is currently happening in the local market, then please feel free to contact me.

Andrew Whyman