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Many things have been attributed to ‘The Boris Brexit Bounce’, but, whether it was relief at a clear outcome from the General Election, the removal of uncertainty surrounding Brexit or simply a release of pent up deferred demand, Charter Whyman can report a 19% year-on-year increase in house buyers registering in December.

This is a very encouraging sign for anybody thinking of selling their home in 2020, confirming, as it does, other indicators of a strengthening market in the last quarter of 2019. The latest figures suggest that the UK property market was already moving forward at an accelerating pace as early as November.

2019 was a curate’s egg of a year with a strong start before fading in the middle months, particularly in the third quarter as uncertainty took hold, with a marked recovery towards the end. This came after a steady recovery from the fall out from the financial crisis of 2008, culminating in a very strong year for the North Hertfordshire property market in 2018.

Jonathan Charter